Springtime in Paris! What could be better? Looking through our photos gets me yearning to do it all again.

I trust that those of you who were part of this Pipedreams tour enjoyed the adventures documented here (the many smiles would seem to indicate so), and that these pictures will kindle happy memories.

Those of you who were not along should get a good sense of the many splendors that an 'organ tour' can provide.

If any of you fellow-travelers have made your own website or have a photo web-link, feel free send us the web address and we will link from our site to yours (and you can link from yours to ours). Then everyone will have the 'big picture'.

Here is a link to Joe Vitacco's excellent photos from the France tour.

I hope our paths cross again, and that at some future time we find ourselves 'at large' amongst pipe organs in another enticing locale. Have you considered Mexico?

Thanks for being a part of our May 2004 travels. Best wishes to all!

Michael & Lise

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